Minggu, 18 Mei 2014

Pengembangan Bahan Ajar IPA Biologi Berbasis Pendekatan Joyfull Learning pada Sub Pokok Bahasan Organisasi Kehidupan Kelas VII SMP Dalam Meningkatkan Motivasi dan Hasil Belajar Siswa

Oleh: Helen Widia Wijayanti Purnamasari
Abstrack: Joyfull learning is learning that takes place in an atmosphere that is fun and memorable, which can motivate students become more active and can ultimately improve student learning outcomes. Therefore, this study focused on the development of biological science materials with joyfull life organization subject-based learning for junior class VII. This study aims to determine the process and results of the development of biological materials with joyfull learning based approach. In addition, this study aimed at finding out if the increase in motivation and learning outcomes with the use of teaching materials science Biology joyfull learning approach based on a sub class life organization subject SMP. The development of this learning material using a model of Borg and Gall. A product produced by this study is a matter of learning as a student book. Based on this research, it is known that the results of expert and user validation, learning materials has been declared invalid by 84.40% greatly. To test the response of students in small groups obtained a value of 89.5% of students responded positively. As for the students' responses on a limited test group obtained a value of 93.0% of students also responded positively to the teaching materials developed. Based on the results of the validation and limited testing can be concluded that the students are very valid book that it can be used in teaching and learning.

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