Selasa, 13 Mei 2014

Pengembangan Modul Pembelajaran Muatan Lokal Etnobotani Masyarakat Using di SMA Negeri 1 Giri Banyuwangi

Oleh: Rahmi Asti Harumi
Abstract:The aims of this study is to describe the process and product’s development of local content ethnobotany learning module in Using community  for XI grade students at Senior High Schoo1, Giri Banyuwangi. This research and development referred to Borg and Gall model, but it is restricted in the seventh step (research and information collecting, planning, develop preliminary form of product, preliminary field testing,main product revision, main field testing, operational product revision). This research used 6 validators to assess the quality of  module and  12 students in preliminary field testing and 26 students in main field testing. Data obtained from  validator sheets, questionnaires of the legitility and difficulty level,pre-test, post-test. The results showed that module apropriate as learning material within average of 69,75% of the experts and 90,33% of user valuator. Also showed that module can improve average of student achievement by 90,75%.

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