Rabu, 19 Februari 2014

Ethnobotany Natural Dye Plant of Batik Tulis Eks Karesidenan Besuki

Oleh: Machrul Quril Aini

Dye is the essence that used in the dying process that aspest of sensoric which is important in  textile industry, but not all dye is save. There is dangerous essence such as metal elemen in the dye synthesis (chrom, metal and seng) which cause skin cancer and  brain damage in human sense. This consept (back to nature) in the essence was recommendate as a good dye, not only to the environment but also to the sanitation. Eks Karisadenan is the combination of regency in East Java which still use plants as a dye. The objectives of this research is to know the benefit of plants that used  as a dye in the batik and how to produce it. The samples that used in this research was purposive sampling which used interview as a data collection method. The kind of interview was semi structured which the type open-ended. The result of this research shows that there were 34 spessies from the 25 family used dye. There were 11 species of that plants had bigger percentage which had potential that included pigmen in the dye.      

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