Rabu, 12 Februari 2014

Pemanfaatan Tumbuhan sebagai Bahan untuk Perawatan Pasca Persalinan oleh Masyarakat Lokal Kecamatan Semboro Kabupaten Jember

Oleh : Alif Mei Laniar

Post partum gives a change to of mother's body. Abdominal skin and muscles will stretch, because of the fetus in the abdomen. Medicinal plants for post partum health care are still attended by the community in line with back to nature. Several program have been conducted to observe the potention of herbs that can be used by certain ethnic communities for health care in case of post partum. Local communities in Semboro is one of the tribs that still use plants as a post partum medical care. This study is aimed to determine the herbs that are used for post partum medical care, the way they are used to threat and so the herbs that have potention to be more observed by bioactivity test in local districts Semboro Jember. Sampling was conducted by research Purposive Sampling technique and Snowball Sampling . The data are collected through interviews using a semi  stuctured and open ended type questions. The results showed that there are 33 species of 18 families were used as post partum medical care. The species of the plants based on the value of the UV and ICF potential to be tested in relating with which is contained in it in order that it can be used as an ingredient of 5 types of post partum care

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