Selasa, 11 Februari 2014

Pengaruh Berbagai Jenis Kulit Pisang terhadap Kualitas Nata de Banana

Oleh: Ahmad Zaini Ridwan

From the ancient age, banana peel was not used by a people for dailylife. Howover  banana peel was processed on the next level, it will has a high value as alternative food stock, one of it as core ingredient of nata. The aim of this research is knowing the effect of various types of banana peel on nata de banana quality. This research was experimental laboratories research using random design. From the Mann-Whitney analysis did by 20  unexpert panelis, it showed that there is no effect of the different type of banana peel on the nata de banana quality covered taste, fragrance, colour, and texture. It indicated that  the use of various peel extract Musa paradisiaca normalis and M. Cavendishi peel has the same quality. This it happened because it influence by the pectin composition from the banana peel. M. pradisiaca var Sepientum has 1,17%, M. pradisiaca normalis has 1,57%, and M. Cavendishi has 2,49%. The bigger pectin composition on banana peel influence nata de banana syntesis. From this research, it can be conclude that the use of different type of banana peel has no effect on nata de banana quality, likeness level, and nutrition level.

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