Selasa, 11 Februari 2014

Pengembangan Bahan Ajar IPA Biologi Berbasis Contextualteaching and Learning (CTL) dengan Video Pembelajaran pada Pokok Bahasan Materi Bahan Kimia dalam Kehidupan untuk SMP Kelas VIII

Oleh : Restu Mulyawati

The objective of this research was to produce and to describe the properness of biology teaching materials about chemicals in life based on Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) on the second grade of Junior High School. This research type was the development research. It referred to 4-D model that divided into 3 stages: defining, designing, and developing. The deployment stage was not performed. The result of the research showed that the instructional material in module form with a developed learning video was very feasible criteria. The result was supported by 6 validators: 3 lectures and 3 teachers at 84% on the properness of content, linguistic, presentation, graphology and suitability with CTL pillars. The result of legibility test and difficulty level in the overall average percentage was 89,16%  of students said easy and happy, and 10,84% said difficult and unhappy. Therefore, it can be concluded that students have understood the module with a developed video. Overall result of questionnaire response was 96,52% of students responded positively

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