Selasa, 18 Februari 2014

Pengembangan Bahan Ajar IPA Biologi Berbasis Pendekatan Keterampilan Proses pada Sub Pokok Bahasan Pencemaran Lingkungan Kelas VII SMP

Oleh: Muhamad Zukhruf

Procces skillapproach  is  able  to  improvestudent’s intellectual potential in analyzing, making consideration, creating conclusion and  trining  their  interpersonal  relationship  by  delivering  opinion.  This  researchintended  to  develop  and  examine  the  result  of  learning  material  with  keterampilan proses based in carbohydrate me subject for VII grade of juniors high school. This research refered to Borg and Gall model. This research used 6 validators to assess the quality of the book and 9 students to test the result of developmental book. Data  obtained  from  student  and  teacher  questionnaires,  validator  sheets, questionnaires  of  the  legitility  and  difficulty  level,  and  student’s  response questionnaires. The result of this research showed that learning procces skill based  has  been  valid  with  77,85%  score.  It  means  thai  it  can  be  used  in  learning process by doing some revision to the needed substration based on the suggestion and critism from the validator. 

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